As featured in INDESIGN LIVE and Domain Property

Scandinavian style and substance. 

We were engaged to convert an old furniture warehouse into the client’s new Head Office. 

The brief from our client was to ‘create a contemporary office space with a light Scandinavian feel’ that was warm and had a industrial edge to the design. The design and layout needed be both functional and flexible.

The warehouse conversion layout was divided into the 'office/working zones’ which were on the ground level and a ‘chill zone’ on the first floor. The ground level consisted of the board room, meeting rooms, staff bathrooms, a reception/waiting room at the front of the building and the brightly lit open plan offices at the back. 

The first floor was redesigned to include a full kitchen, living area, bar/dining area, ensuite bathroom and convertible apartment for international staff and guests.  

A unexpected surprise within the warehouse conversion was the addition of a new mezzanine and custom stainless steel slide. The practical purpose was to link the first floor 'chill out' zones to the ground level 'working zone', but the impact within the space is a playful and quirky feature that will be enjoyed by the staff & their children for many years to come!

Styling: SJS Interior Design and Style Agenda
Photography: Simon Whitbread